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Buynantucketbaskets.com is the official website of D.E.L.S. Ivory Manufacturing, Inc., maker and supplier of Nantucket Lightship baskets, goods and supplies since 1968.

We are proud to offer our expertly handcrafted Nantucket Lightship Baskets. All our baskets have been created by our experienced basket makers. Some items are in-stock and ready to ship to you. Most baskets either in or out of stock can be duplicated or made to your specifications using the "Made to Order Instructions" section for each item. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas for your one of a kind heirloom basket.

As a family business pride is taken in all of the products we create. You can rest assured that any item you purchase from D.E.L.S.’ buynantucketbaskets.com store has been masterfully crafted to ensure that all products are made of only our high quality raw materials and the finest workmanship available.

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D.E.L.S. Ivory Mfg. was founded in 1968 by Louis E. Brown. D.E.L.S. is an acronym for David, Eric, Linda, and Steve; Louis’ four children. D.E.L.S. began as a simple business operating from Louis’ home in East Freetown, Massachusetts. Ivory and scrimshaw were the primary items made and sold there. However, because of the success of this small business it was later expanded to include jewelry and nautical gift items.

David, the eldest child, began working for his dad at the age of 11. He quickly learned the tools of the trade and the concept of owning a family business. When David was 19 years old, his father died in a tragic automobile accident. Having already worked for D.E.L.S. for several years, he decided to continue his dad’s business.

Throughout the years, ivory and scrimshaw, in its traditional nautical and jewelry use, began to phase out. David, wanting to continue with his business, sought alternate uses for his product. In the early 1980’s, David began to make pegs, knobs, and scrimmed ovals for Nantucket Basket Purses. A Nantucket Basket maker and instructor approached David and asked if he thought he could make Nantucket Basket molds since it would be a perfect unity in his business. David, willing to try anything new, made a 3” round Nantucket Basket mold. Shortly thereafter, David’s wife, Linda wanted to learn more about the art of making Nantucket Baskets. She sought after an instructor and took her first class with a famous Nantucket Basket teacher. After bringing her finished product home, David decided that this was the direction that he wanted his business to follow.

He began to study the art of Nantucket Baskets, speaking with famous Basket Makers and instructors. He learned how to make molds, rims, bases, and most importantly, how to make a Nantucket Basket.

Today, D.E.L.S. Mfg. sells Nantucket Basket Supplies almost exclusively with ivory and scrimshaw being the perfect compliment to any basket. D.E.L.S. has its own woodshops where all molds, handles, rims, and bases are made and an ivory shop where ivory and bone pieces are cut and shaped. There is a classroom where Dave’s wife Linda, and daughter Trisha, now teaches the art of Nantucket Basket making, and a retail store and showroom where you can purchase Nantucket Basket gift items, jewelry, scrimshaw, and of course, Nantucket Basket supplies. D.E.L.S. has become large enough to provide you with all your basket making supplies yet remains small enough to give you the absolute best service you deserve. D.E.L.S. remains a family business where pride is taken in all the products- whether it be a piece of custom scrimmed ivory by their in-store scrims hander, a simple Nantucket Basket handle made in the woodshop, or a custom ordered finished product.